Is it a bug or a feature?

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See and

It’s HTML editing…

No its not
20 hcarcters

I looked it up though. Can you give me a link?

IT IS A NEW STARTER HERO for me!!! Jeez, they really surprised me with his voice

What can it do? (I can’t check unfortunately)

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Idk. I do not think he has any special abilities

No he can do something, but idk how it works

charismagnetize is like magnet field but on you for five seconds

So a magnetic field that pulls enemies towards you?

yep forever on you only moves when you move

OK, I figured it out. That’s so weird!

I can’t get to him. Idk why.

You have to join his team.

But I can’t even see him.

You have to go to (make sure you sign out of your account first) and then it should be at the top left of your screen

So, I log in, and he’s just not there. I’ve logged in, like 3 times.

by me it works on you have to join the clan and then go to and then on heroes he should be there

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For some reason it doesn’t work for non-subs. It loads the /premium page no matter what.