Is Java still in Demand?

Reportedly, Java got ranked at the top tier in the list of most popular programming languages by Indeed. Many developers claim Java to be their most preferred programming language as it is very easy to use, compile, write and debug in Java. Thus, it creates a career breakthrough for Java developers. I am joining Java Track Program to learn Java.

Please let me know is there scope in Java?

We have Java in open beta now for home players and closed beta for teachers–let us know if you want access to the teachers closed beta.

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Hey Nick,

Is there documentation somewhere for the Java beta for home players? I purchased premium for my son, discovered there was a Java beta (he reeeeeaaally wants to learn Java), and tried it out.
However, the on screen instructions don’t seem to make executable code and it keeps throwing an error about expecting other words/characters.

Not sure if that screenshot is going to work. I guess we’ll see. Anyway, if you can help it would be great. If not, we’ll switch back to Python. It’s experimental and I totally understand that.

Thank you.

If you can share the example code and level that is giving the error, we can take a look. The sample code to start each level should be formatted properly:

public class AI {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // ... your code here