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--Python vs Java--

I have a question. If want to learn webprogramming. Do I really have to learn Java Script? I don’t like Java because of Minecraft. The graphic is crab but a lot of more or less strong computers can not run this program if you add Tekkit…(For those they don’t know, Minecraft is a game and tekkit an addon) So I think, maybe I am totaly wrong, this language is very week. What do you think?

Hi @Surtur welcome to the forum, everyone has different opinions of which language of code is better.
For example I personally prefer JavaScript, Python is great for experts and beginners(As said in code combat) or you can try coffee script. If you prefer JavaScript then use JavaScript, if you prefer Python then use Python. It all comes down to which you prefer or which you have experience in. For example I am better in JavaScript, but I know a bit of Python too. You can also try learning both if you can’t decide!

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NO C++ is da beast .

what’s about Haskell?

I don’t know what Haskell is!

Between Python and Javascript, I recommend JavaScript. Here’s why:

JavaScript is still one of the most popular programming languages. Please don’t confuse Java with JavaScript; they are different programming languages. JavaScript may be slightly harder than Python, but it’s worth it. FYI, a JavaScript interpreter is built right into the browser, allowing you to learn (and debug it) fast. Also, having a good understanding of how JavaScript works will prove to be very beneficial when you want to learn other programming languages.

Now here’s the Python part; and I’ll be honest with you. First of all, the syntax in Python is much easier. Secondly, Python is great for beginners who don’t want to worry much about syntax. One big disadvantage of Python is that it normally is slower than JavaScript and other languages since it is an interpreted language.

Hope this is helpful!

Haskell is functional language based on math. (more than other languages)

Oh ok thanks @Surtur

I would say yes I’m afraid. You can build websites with HTML, but the all the “actions” are done by Javascript. You should probably also familiarise yourself with CSS for style.
Could you also describe in a bit more detail what you want to do?

hi Danny, I am in the very beginning. I came to CC by coincidence. In the moment my goal is to learn python to learn how to script and also to learn how to write and understand a port scanner. I think it’s nice if I also understand a little bit how web programming works. I think as my second language I will learn Haskell but till now I don’t understand for what Haskell is used. I just know that a lot of is written in Haskell. When I went through the chapters of an other learning tool I hopefully understand how the door of our house is working. Its working with a raspberry pi and a python script :smiley:

Whats cc? Is it Code Combat

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yes sorry I answer so late some how there is just limited answer possibilitys…

I thought CoCo was code combat so if CC is also code combat then im confused

I think CCC would be even more confusing :)) CodeCombatCoding :smiley: I am new I thought, if in the logo is written CC it’s clear. Sorry.

Actually I thought it was CC but @Monsty said it was CoCo

It’s just two abbreviations for the same thing. One of them is shorter than the other.

Oh ok thanks for clarifying