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Is there a way to get a new hero without a subscription?


I could really use a massive help here! And thanks for posting advice! Good luck!


As far as I know, at this time, you can only get a new hero by playing (and completing) subscriber specific levels. I have unlocked all of the current heros, and all were from subscriber levels.

You stated “massive help”. Is there some reason you need another hero?


Yeah, it because I am very desperate for one. But thanks for the advice!


same, but i think you can only get one with a premium account. if someone does know, please tell me!!!??!!??!!


Hi, you only get access to the new heroes with a subscription.


To be clear, you must subscribe, then complete the levels that the hero is unlocked on. Then you pay gems to purchase the hero. Once you have done this, you don’t have to be a subscriber in order to use that hero. So, get someone to pay for a couple months of subscription as your Christmas present, then go crazy unlocking all the heroes. I have a student that had completed most of the free levels, got a subscription and has almost all heroes unlocked within a week of work.