Must Subscribe for Forest Level?

I just found CodeCombat and I love it. I finished the Dungeon level and now when I try to do Apocalypse it prompts me to subscribe. Must I? I thought there were free levels here but can’t seem to figure out how to move past the Subscribe prompt.

Thanks for the help.

There are Free levels here . . . “Apocalypse” just isn’t one of them. (The blue/star ones are subscriber levels.)

Right; start at Defense of Plainswood in the lower left.

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I am having a problem alike problem that but I think the subscription last for a month. But my question is that must you subscribe to unlock a new hero?

You must be a subscriber to play the level that unlocks your ability to buy the hero.

Once you have “unlocked the hero for purchase” you can buy it at any time you have the gems, subscriber or not.