Is this a bug or is it not?

soo this kid i was helping was sharing his screen to me and suddenly he friggen has the cougar is this a bug? screen shot:

Maybe he bought it.
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nah hes a non subscriber

Hmm I have heard other people get pets for free.

Just contact support I guess

No I know how to do this too. I will pm it to you but yes it is a bug.
P.S I know the hack but I dont do it

Hes in Kithgard
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I know but It is hard to look at bad armor

the link for support is @Eric_Tang and @cheddarcheese.

Don’t spread exploits please. Even if they’re not intended for use.

Don’t be mean, just keep that kind of comment to yourself. It doesn’t add to the discussion.


Sorry @Deadpool198
I removed the PM