Java script "taunting"

I can’t pass this level. please check and correct code. give me nice advice.

here is my coding
// Attack munchkins, call brawlers and ignore burls.
// This function defines the hero’s behaviour about enemies.
function dealEnemy(enemy) {
// If enemy.type is “munchkin”
if (enemy.type == “munchkin”) {
// Then attack it:
// If the enemy’s type is “brawler”:
else if (enemy.type == “brawler”) {
hero.moveXY(30, 34);
// Then say something to call the brawler:
hero.say(“hey! come on silly brawler!”);
while (true) {
if (enemy) {
} else {
hero.moveXY(30, 34);

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Please format your code correctly using the </> button above your writing space

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Heres a hint, the hero says “i don’t think its a good idea”.Is that taunting him?

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okay. I’ll change the word. any other wrong thing? tell me honestly. because hero does not attack to enemy after run…

The code is already formatted correctly

Anyways welcome to the forum @Ai_Yoshioka. I’m going to leave this level to the others but make sure to read the rules and we hope you enjoy it here!

With that being said could you send a sc of ur code?

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It was edited

Also enemy is not defined try “munckin”.

Change that statement to just an if statement. Then delete that moveXY statement.

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he already changed that

okay i will. i need put spoiler tag for this post… sorry I didn’t know rule details.

Can you show us your code now?

Its ok we all understand :slight_smile:

I have changed character and language. thank god finally I passed taunting level. thank you for helped me guys!

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