Javascript RegExp match: Bug or intent?

I have noticed that strings in Codecombat do not support Javascript regex match. e.g.

var string = "hero error";
var regEx = new RegExp("er","g");
var matches = string.match(regEx); //this should return an array

fails with

string has no method match

Is this a bug, intended behaviour or am I missing something?

The behaviour “do for all matches” can be mimicked by

var match;
while (match = regEx.exec(string)) {

, however this raises a brown (warning?) box complaining about assingnment where expression is expected. This, however is perfectly OK and expected behaviour - the same as while(enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()) {} which complains as well. Can the warning boxes be turned off (I’d be happy with the info exclamation mark only)

Dunno about String.prototype.match, but as for your second question you could wrap the assignment with another set of parenthesis to silence the warnings:

 var match;
-while (match = regEx.exec(string)) {
+while ((match = regEx.exec(string))) {

or by adding a JSHint directive at the top of the code to ignore those warnings.

/* jshint boss:true */