Joining team for cash

I will join a new team for 20-30 MILL (Burn 20 Chars)

Hi @Bravo-Alpha, is this about Nitro Type?

yes it is he is trying to ask for money then when he gets the monney he will leave the team without sayin anything or even earning the monney he is a begger for money. i don’t recemmened giving him any money jsut sayin

Alright, thanks. Just checking to see whether or not to flag the topic and give him a friendly reminder not to beg for NT cash, and also to at least use the topic for the game instead of creating a new one.

could some one please close this topic @Chaboi_3000 thanks

i ill leave my team and prove it

Marmite, this topic is my fault. I told the beggar squad to create a new topic to beg on, because I was tired of it being in my inbox, I wish to enjoy a topic without seeing multiple random users beg for cash every two seconds.

You take it too far ray. Giving them warning or possibly even flags are fine. But name calling and mocking repeatedly is just plain rude and there aren’t even any positive outcomes.

i left SPCE so i will join any team for 10 mill

I do think I can go about it differently, but just being nice with reminders in today’s world proves futile 90% of the time. People get the message when you are direct, and non-lenient.

Then flag them. But most times in history, attacking with words or actions creates disputes and anger. Being stern is good. But you’re not being stern, your being insulting. Flagging is a good thing created to keep the environment friendly. So if you feel the need, do it.


As @enPointe77 said, please use the flag feature if you feel that somebody might be pushing the boundaries. It’s easier for everyone.