Just a funny glitch

I’ve got good news from Nick, the pet’s going to be an actual duck, not a weird imageless pet. The reason it showed up in the shop is because maka cloned the pugicorn thang and forgot to hide it, so it had the same properties as a pugicorn, but since pets have 2 thangs to complete a real pet, the one for animation and one for the abilities. That’s why the “duck” didn’t have any image sprite.

:thinking: When Will it be released?:thinking:

I don’t know? coming soon probably

I hope so maybe it will look something like this:
Image result for howard the duck marvel contest of champions

Yeah me too MunkeyShynes, the duck picture never loads for me.

They removed “duck”

I got a theory what if the “duck” looks like this

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LOL. That duck looks like he’s dressed up as Lionel Richie for Halloween.


I looked up this guy, and apparently he’s releasing a bed and bathroom range, like selling expensive sheets and soap. But he also sings apparently. Well actually, he’s a singer pro.

He’s one of the top selling artists of all time. He’s sold over 90 million records world-wide and won lots of grammy awards. Not my favorite genre of music but a very talented man for sure. He wrote that famous song that has spawned a ton of parodies, “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”

Here’s one of his more well-kown hits…

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The art for duck is confirmed. I’ll post a pic here later

Interesting, I like it.

is this the almighty duck :open_mouth:


Any idea what the duck’s abilities are?


Correction, The QUACKQUAKE

Are they actually going to release it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, that would be pretty cool - a really loud quack that stuns any enemies within 30m for ten seconds. I’d buy a duck that could do something like that.


free rubber ducky to those who don’t even know what it is (jk)

@MunkeyShynes, You got an new profile picture, that’s sick! I love it.
Was it CoCo you got you it, as a custom reward thing for being an ambassador, or did you, do something else?