Why am I taking damage?

Im playing the level If-Stravaganza and for some reason, I’m taking damage? I know this isn’t the right way to beat the level, I beat it normally too, but it’s fun c:

ur pet doesn’t like when u casty cast because u got more friends to play with and the pet wants to play with only u so he pecks u and accidently kills u

Some pets dont get angry at u


I found that having the pet do something else (even just move somewhere) stops it from attacking me.

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which pets are friendly?

paid ones and ducky duck cuz ducky duck is a goog boi and likes bread crumbs


which one is ducky duck lol

The ducky duck who helps you rubber duck debug!

wher u get ducky :expressionless: thx

In an unreleased level. You can’t get it now “legally”.

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Yup. Those are test levels to see how levels should work in the future. Like art style and story.

go to this level CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript and beat the level

pls dont share “exploits” (altho ducky duck is worth going into hecker mode for illeagal exploits)

i did not consider it an exploit since the duck has no perpose and does not make the game any easier plus i am not giving it to them for free the have to beat the level (which is not a hard task i must admit it took me like 5 seconds)