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Kelvintaph-burgler infinite loop at startup


I can’t get into kelvintaph-burgler, the interface says ‘infinite loop’ although i haven’t edited any code yet. Sounds similar to Player-Created level “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”: Infinite Loop Detected at load screen


Seems to be fixed now, there must have been an update in between.


Sorry about that–if you see these, make sure to check the JS console to see if there’s some sort of error. Also, I fixed a couple bugs that were making the robot walkers too easy to kill, so give it another try now that they’re as deadly as intended :wink:


Yeah, there was plenty of stuff in the console, i didn’t try to find out what those were about, as the bug was happening whatever language i chose (so i believed it was a matter of level, not of template, thus out of my reach).
Now it works all good, thanks.
My 2 cents on the level itself : the ice yak is here to annoy the player (right ?) but you can drag the chieftain in such a way that it attacks the yak. Once it triggers the yak, if you manage to keep your friends out of the way, the yak kills the chieftain. That tricks makes the level rather easy.


How else would you do it?


If the question is “how would you design the level harder ?”, i would place the yak in the middle of the corridor, this way archers would need to pay attention no to shoot at the yak when the chieftain is arriving behind it.
If the question is “how would you complete the level without forcing the chieftain to trigger the yak ?”, i would ambush the left of the corridor, i would drag the chieftain to the ambush (with the paladin for example), i would then fight the chieftain with the whole group, having the paladin heal the wounded.


I first tried using the paladin to tank damage but she couldn’t outheal the damage dealt by the chieftain.
However, I didn’t try making her block when not healing so that could be a possibility.
Chances are, the group is still too small to beat the chieftain, even when he is alone.

A dodgy trick I used to pass was killing the witch with chain-lighting before sending the paladin to lure the chief. The other troops didn’t have to do anything for the whole level.
Perhaps those gloves should be restricted for some of the levels.

Also, it would be interesting if there was a bonus for killing both the robots. I’ve noticed that their shots are powerful enough to defeat each other so an elaborate strategy could involve standing between them while they shoot. Their randomised positions would require a solution that encompasses all scenarios.


I’m looking for hints about how to command separate units simultaneously.

My current approach is to break down the level to short time frames (see example below), but I’m sure there are better ways to do it :smile:

# until 0:03
while < 3:
    # move hero
    self.move(positionA)      # also helps to avoid HEL
    # command friends
    for friend in friends:

# until 0:10
while < 10:
    # move hero
    # command friends
    for friend in friends:

# etc