Kelvintaph Defiler - Help

I can only find the code in Github and it didn’t work… ANYONE, HELP!

Equipment and hero? :slight_smile:

What problems are you having for Kelvintaph Defiler. Additionally, would you please post your code so that we can see how to fix any problems you may have?

My Recommendations
I recommend you restart doing the levels from the middle of Cloudrip Mountains. You probably found all the code in Github for later levels, if you do this, you wouldn’t learn anything.

From Github
From what you said, I searched it up and found that there are several methods in Github that doesn’t work anymore. For example got replaced with hero.time; and loop: got replaced with while True:
Also, he is using a warrior from the picture and his speed is low, you should make changes to code that matches your equipment

Level Suggestions
The ogres are placed in order, and you can enumerate through your friends, and attacking each ogre ONCE EVERY TIME the friend get through the gravity field. Paladin’s shield can block magic attack by 50% which can help you a lot.

Your code should look something like this:

points = []
points[1] = Vector(x, y)
points[2] = #Vector?
# Run from robot walkers
hero.moveXY(x, y)
while True:
    #if hero.time < 10:
    for index, friend in enumerate(hero.findFriends()):
        point = points[index]  # Define the point
        if friend.distanceTo(point) < 5:   # Attack the ogre when friend gets close
            target = friend.find__ #nearest()?
            hero.command() # Command friends()
    #elif hero.time >= 10 and hero.time < 20:
    for j in range(0, len(hero.findFriends()):
        pon = points[len(points) % j]
        if hero.findFriends()[j].type == "paladin":
            hero.command() # Command to shield
            if not pon.x > num:  # If the friend's x is not close to paladin
                hero.command() # Continue to move
                # Remember to define "friend" first
                hero.command(friend, "attack", "Nalfer")  # Attack Nalfer
    if hero.time > 20:

# Then kill all ogres.

My sample code is just a rough draft, but this will kind of guide you through the level. Many variables are not defined, you need to define them bu yourself.

Commented code with no space between the hashtag means the optional code you can add to your code. But remember to indent the for-in-loop.

Well I don’t have a code, I don’t even know what to do at first

Then you should review some Mountain levels, they should help you as most of levels in Glacier is basically a “review” of Cloudrip Mountains.