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Kelvintaph Defiler Feedback


Very challenging! Took me nearly three (non consecutive) hours to complete.

And since the hero cannot attack, it makes this level very even for everyone.

Though why are the Twilight Glasses restricted on this level? The point of the buying the glasses was so that I didn’t have to write any funky logic to get all the enemies in the level, and with it being restricted…it was somewhat annoying.

Though the massive reward(s) totally makes me fine with all the problems I encountered.


Glad that you found it challenging! It was certainly challenging to make. :wink: Was the challenge fun, or were there a bunch of annoyances involved?

My idea with restricting the x-ray glasses was that it would make it too easy to do hacky stuff with guys you shouldn’t be able to see yet, especially with the sorcerer. I could close it down and restrict every spellbook and wand that someone thinks of a way to cheese the level with, but it seemed like restricting the vision to what your friends can currently see would help me narrow out a range of cheeses at once. I dunno, maybe it’s not necessary.


Hmm, the main problem was that my code turned into a mess. :expressionless: Might spend the next few days cleaning it.

No annoyances with the level that come to mind right now. It was pretty fun, good to be doing some new challenges. :smile:

As for the vision I assumed that heroes could were limited to movement and could not do combat, so wouldn’t that prevent any “easy” solution? Or wouldn’t the enemies be out of range? (I don’t own a wizard, so no idea what tricks they have.)


so far, no joy, my paladin keeps getting poisoned by the necromancer. I try to cast heal, run away, kill the necro, but nothing works :confused:


While using the shield action, the shield blocks #{shieldDefensePercent}% of normal damage.

Hmm, I guess it isn’t clear that shielding apparently works against “magical” attacks?. (I just guessed that it would work, and it did.)

Relevant code from effect.HasEffects
operate: (value, effects) ->
    value = effect.setTo for effect in effects when effect.setTo?
    for effect in effects when effect.addend
      if @action is 'shield' and not @canAct() and effect.addend < 0 and effect.targetProperty is 'health'
        value += effect.addend * (1 - @shieldDefenseFactor)  # Shielding should prevent from effect damage
        value += effect.addend
    value *= effect.factor for effect in effects when effect.factor?


I’ll put a hint in the guide that shielding works against magic.


Excellent challenge.

My notes:

  1. After Nalfar “ends” the ritual, my hero still cannot move nor attack.
  2. In the initial segment where the squad is sliding on the ice, if I order anyone to shield or order an archer to shoot, they will stop dead on their tracks (completely still). When any member of the squad is completely still on the slipping ice, there is no way to make them move again.

Are these expected behavior?


i still can’t save my paladin. Is that level supposed to be feasible with a warrior ?


@pixx you can’t really use your hero for anything but avoiding the robot walkers in the beginning. So yes, this level is pretty much even for everyone, as the OP has already mentioned.


Ah, I guess in my playtesting, Nalfar ended the ritual when the level was done (all the other ogres were dead). I’ll reactivate the hero properly upon ritual termination.

Yes, if there is no friction, then apart from me implementing more physics such that shooting projectiles conserves momentum, you can’t start moving again. I suppose it would make sense for attacking and shielding to not affect momentum if on ice; I’m considering making that change, but I’m not sure yet. Thoughts?


:+1: This makes sense, in my opinion. The current behavior seems like a bug. This change would break the “strategy” (exploit?) I used to make this level easier, but it is still a change that makes sense to the ice physics in general.

Also, I’ve found out that if you kill the Yeti before Nalfar tries to teleport-swap with it, the ritual will never end. Anyway, I believe it would be nearly impossible to trigger this bug if you make the change to preserve momentum when attacking/shielding on ice.

Thanks. I had to do quite a bit of hit-and-run to have the paladin tank the Chieftain, while my hero could have taken care of him on his own easily.


Done! But… Just a 3070 XP? Well, if everything goes on in this way, I will never reach the level 66 :cry:


Given that you earned 2-digit amounts of XP at the beginning you are advancing quite good, right? The later the level the more you earn. The last mountain-levels might give you maybe 5000 XP (I don’t know the exact formula and the levels in the last world can possibly give you 5-digit amounts of XP. Just give it time.


May I ask why you are interested in level 66? Is it because of the items that supposedly unlock at lv66? If so, all of those items are not ready to be used yet as far as I know. Once they finish making those items, I imagine that their unlock levels could be rebalanced as well.


@J_F_B_M If so It will be great!

@UltCombo Yep, I want to test a new featured items. You are right some of them is not completed but I think not the all.

Oh yes! About the level:
I found a little problem: My warrior can’t move on the ice, so I used a chain-lightning to kill shaman on the ice.


I’ve found this level to be the most confusing so far because the strange layout makes it harder to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing. In these situations I use trial and error.

Various things that I tried

Tried to shield against energy ball (are they instakill?)
Make the hero move out of the starting corridor to avoid death (worked)
Make hero attack warlocks
Make the troops attack nearest enemy
Make paladin attack Nalfar (Nalfar outheals)
Make paladin run away (did not work)
Make paladin heal and shield when not healing (current strategy - she survives for a short while)

Some parts were especially strange:
Making the troops attack while standing on the initial surface would make them stop moving and prevent them from moving afterwards (zero friction, already mentioned above).
When trying to make troops walk into or out of Nalfar’s room, they would walk into the corridor corner but then stop responding to commands and become idle. Any idea why this happens?


What glasses are you wearing? Maybe they moved too far away for you to see them?


What I don’t understand is how I am supposed to command my troops without being able to see them. Since I’m caught up in the warlocks’ antigravity spell, I can’t move to where I can see my soldiers, so how do I command them?


I’m using mahogany glasses. My usual ones were restricted so I bought the ones it told me to.
I’m not sure if the issue is related to view range though. When originally trying to get the paladin to run away she was able to walk around the corner just fine. Now she seems to get stuck like everyone else.
One difference is I did start using flags. Would that do anything?

Edit: I had something at the end of my code that I forgot about. Removing it seemed to fix the issue. Still not sure why.

@ChronistGilver I’m guessing self.findFriends() can find friends through walls. Maybe findFlags() as well?


Huh, Apparently, self.findByType doesn’t find through walls.