Kelvintaph Deflier Help please

Hello everyone, I am stuggling to find out what to do in glacier. I don’t understand how to do anything. So could I get some Ideas and examples about how to solve this level. I would like all the help I could get, Please and Thank you.

Goutham KR

Which level? :slight_smile:

Also, I gtg, I’ll respond in 1.5 hrs. Cya.

It was the Kelvintaph Deflier, the one where you get the boss star 4 or boss star 5. Can I get some help please. Please and Thank you

Goutham KR

You write your own code to win.
There’s no specific code.

I don’t even know what to do, so can you help me??

Read the hints and discription.

Ok will do, Thanks @Eric_Tang

I still don’t get what to do…

so the idea here is to attempt to save the paladin by commanding your troops
while you are stuck in a warlock ritual

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What if you just kill all of the warlocks? heehee.

no they will kill you first

then some robots shoot you do death with 1 or 2 hits if you shield

If you have SOTTG, you can powerUp() and then kill them, no?

You can just dodge their missiles with vectors or reflect them with Illia.

And at the start, just do hero.moveXY(50, 20) and the missiles will miss you.

AHEMM, I am not subbed

I am a normal boy with THARIN THUNDERFIST

OR not AND, and I don’t have premium either.

i will try that