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Kelvintaph Glacier - Circle Walking - added more decoration


After reading this post

I started poking around to see if any levels might have a “to-do” available. And Circle Walking seemed like it did. So I added different decor to the level to try my hand at editing a level and submitting a patch.

I am not sure how to post the changes to let everyone see so here is the editor link:

And here is a screenshot: [Updated]

I tried to run the level to test it but an error seemed to pop up.

Error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.childWindow') Check the JS console for more.

I deleted 2 of the icicles (bottom left and top left) And added back one and added the rest of the decorations. I also tried to remove the collision code. So I am not sure if this was the editor just acting strange or if I added a “bug” with the patch.


Let me know what you think.


Look at the referee of the level. Maybe it uses “icicles” inside and when you added additional the referee started work the wrong way.


@Bryukh Thank you for the help. I decided to rebuild the level and found something interesting:

Adding an “Ice Crystals 2” for some reason affects the hero or the referee. See below.

Before adding the crystal:

After adding the crystal:

It is as if the crystal “becomes” the referee. (which is originally the well)

I can just not add crystals, but I found this rather disturbing. I wish there was a “remove change” ability in the save process, where you could prevent certain changes from being included.

I should mention I am using safari, if that matters…


ok, some how I was able to add the new decorations without affecting the hero or the referee. I added the ice crystals first then deleted the lower left one. I still don’t know why either component would be affected by this.



Maybe you touched something with the well. It hard to say, but for the first screenshot it looks like the referee component is removed.


I accepted the patch, thanks! :slight_smile:

As for the crystals affecting the hero or referee – this is a bug in how the editor shows the patch, it shouldn’t actually break anything, but it does make it more difficult for us to review submitted patches. It’s on our list of bugs to be fixed.