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[Adventurer] Ice-pocalypse


In this level, there are 20 artilleries, firing flaming shells at your hero.
Try to survive for 60 seconds. No flags.
This shouldn’t be too hard. Think outside of the box!
Under 5 lines of code.
Check out the level here:
Play the level here:
:hearts: the post if you like the level :smiley:
If you have some changes you think that needs to be made, make a patch, and I’ll consider.


How do you make a patch?


Look at the top right corner of the level editor. Press the 4th button from the left (3rd from the right) It’s the button directly next to the book button. (Sorry can’t give you an image. Somehow my computer isn’t letting me open paint)


Uh, I have a question. If you use 5 lines, does that mean you fail?


Nevermind, that was really easy, easier than apocalypse


Also, how do you create a patch? That’s what I don’t know.


Yes. I know, right? :wink:
I’m planning to make it harder though. Trying to make the artillery fire to random positions… Trying to dump in some enemies

Open the level editor. then do what the quote says


Okay, I think I added some thangs, and also, could you make the robot walkers shoot plasma balls?


Robot walkers? (WHAT?) there are no robot walkers in Ice-pocalypse. Only in The Wrath of the Lava King…
Also, I only see one patch, that made no changes whatsoever… (Patch is by Shome Gu… is that you)


Yeah it is, sorry, but I still think robot walkers would make the level harder, and maybe add some scouts or something like that…


Trying to do some weird generator stuff, but they aren’t spawning anything…
ye robot walkers would help.


It is really easy. It might need some robot walkers that fire plasma balls every 2 seconds.


2 seconds is still too easy


Maybe 0.5 seconds might work.


Yeah, or maybe just one that sprays randomly, like in those levels where you say something, then tons of artillery shells bombard the enemy, like at those intervals, but random.


It might work. It could also make the level harder.


@SuperSmacker I’m not sure though, you could possibly add in (maybe) a few high damage ranged troops, like throwers in the level that helps you learn how to use the wolf pet, arrowproof wolf, and make the throwers do high damage.


then people’ll just cheat using the wolf lol
also, the artillery has friendly fire, so…


But then, just restrict the wolf, and the boss star, and just add robot walkers. Or have multiple throwers all attack at the same time.


Already added robot walkers. Attempting to force the artillery attack random positions via referee. currently not working.
(I even copied everything that lets the artillery randomly fire over from apocalypse, but it’s not working :confused: )