[Kinda Solved] [Bug] Wanted poster level is not working


1 more level till i have completed all of codecombat and it’s glitching


@Bryukh i know you make levels so could you pls help me. @Chaboi_3000 could you use whatever your powers are to fix this pls


Try going to the link in the victory screen and try it.


Ok i will try (23030


it goes here @Chaboi_3000


Try logging out and logging in.


I did still not working :sob:


Go inspect and delete the dark area and the victory screen and do the level


But then there are no images for the guys


Now i cant finish (20)


Why is the topic marked solved then?


Prob because my trick worked


But i didn’t get the xp and gems thought


And i have seen this happening with other people