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Kithgard Enchanter Feedback


I liked the level, but wow… that was easy. Just had to copy and paste the code and change a few things.

Nice introductions to functions though.


There seems to be a bug. if i use 2 move ups it makes me continulosly move up and one i dont get that gem


I think it is good to have a level where we recreate earlier methods using lower-level methods.

I first passed Kithgard Enchanter by equipping simple boots and commenting out the first function. Make sure to restrict the simple boots if you haven’t already.


is this a free level


The Simple Boots should be restricted for real now :slight_smile:


This level position on mountain. Is it right or mistake?


Yes, even though it goes back to Kithgard, I put it in the mountain because that’s where we’re teaching how to define your own functions.

Sometimes we unlock levels on earlier worlds from later worlds, but those are usually fun or challenge levels, not teaching levels.


I got the soulution but it’s weird. I have to change how much i move to eleven and do the rthis.say thing


Try to reduce the self.pos.y + 12 to self.pos.y + 11.


I know right!

I just did this:

self.moveXY(23, 24)
self.moveXY(23, 14)
self.moveXY(23, 34)
self.moveXY(39, 34)


I mean, to Hinkle…