''Sleep Hour'' Weird bug

Hello, I just returned to Kithgard Dungeon to do some newly available levels, such as the Enemy Mine challenge level, but it’s not accepting hero.moveDown (whatever direction), giving me a TypeError, but I can’t see what I ‘‘should fix’’ because even if I copy past code from the suggested level Enemy Mine, it still goes wrong.
Posting this in Level Help because it’s been a while since I played the Dungeon and I might just be typing the wrong command. Resetting the level doesn’t help

The moveDown(3) in the image is just random, it doesn’t work with any number or different direction

((Also I blocked Github on my computer so I can’t post it there if it’s a bug))

Take a look at your equipment. You currently have the wrong boots. They do not allow the method of movement you are using. The boots you have allow you to use dash, move, and moveXY.


Like @abc said, you have moveXY boots instead of moveRight, moveLeft, and etc boots.


Thanks guys, as a coincidence I was just checking out my equipment for a special level (normally I do not care about these game aspects) and remembered that what you wear influences your methods. Your comments confirm this.

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Actually, I think the real issue is that ‘‘Sleep Hour’’ doesn’t let me select my equipment. Or worse, doesn’t do it automatically for me:
when I try another Dungeon level, I automatically wear the right boots and cannot select any other boots.
when I try a Forest level, I don’t think I can select the moveRight boots.
when I try "‘Sleep Hour’’, there is no choice and I think it just selects the previous boots. I will try re-’‘finishing’’ a Dungeon level to see if it changes my current boots in any way Edit: no, doesn’t work

True i do that i use okar with speed bc hes slow but when i play tht level okar is so slow and not using that ring of speed

Sleep Hour is one of those levels that don’t allow you to change your equipment. You may need to code it accordingly.

Hey abc i want to ask i already change my code to corrreect one using okar but bc of his slowness i fail

Hello, what do you mean by “You may need to code it accordingly”? Do you mean I need to use a written command in the editor to change the equipment? Either way, I don’t know what to do

I think that you should complete a different dungeons level with the simple boots and then start this level. This is what I did and I have maxed out gear from the mountain. Also, do note that challenge/concept levels probably won’t let you choose your armour anyway, meaning that this isn’t a bug.

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What I mean is you should complete the level by using the methods that are granted by your current gear. You should moveXY to places or pickup flags.

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Thanks, but like I wrote above (friendly tone) it did not help to complete another dungeons level with the simple boots.

This is quite smart, I just completed the level this way.
It does mean though that you cannot complete the objective ‘‘Use movement arguments’’ because you are not using hero.move.
Therefore I think this level is still bugged out. It should force you to wear the simple boots.

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