Let's Play CodeCombat ?!


Is it allowed to make Let’s Plays of CodeCombat for example of the campaign?

According to the Legal-Page you may do Let’s Plays as long as you credit http://codecombat.com (or the respective creator, in case of player-contributed resources).

Generally CodeCombat is licensed under CC, though you should always look this up for the individual component you use, as there are some sidenotes on this.

Here a direct link to the Legal-Page of codecombat:

Plus we don’t really care more than we absolutely have to about our IP, so don’t worry about it. Go for it!

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would be great, but there are pro and cons…
pro: if your stuck get a hint
con: if you get “homework” to do for class (or whatever) and your to lazy to do it, you can yust copy this code

but you cant help everyone, please send link to your YT Acc, I will watch them :wink:

If you really want to skip doing your homework in CodeCombat, you can get the code for almost any non-subscriber level with little effort from this forum. Maybe you’ll have to fix a small error, but all in all I would say you can solve every level in under 10 minutes with the help of this forum. Except the levels where the solution is so obvious that you can’t fail it with even the slightest effort. In these levels you have to put in your own thinking, but as already mentioned those levels are really easy (usually they introduce something new).

Tl;dr: I’d expect the gain from people being attracted by awesome showcases is much higher than the loss of people who don’t manage advanced concepts because they only copied older levels. But that’s just my opinion.

Thanks for answers! :wink:

but you cant help everyone, please send link to your YT Acc, I will watch them

There already are a Youtube-channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZPqKxxGcs_fRUp_PJJ5x_A (German channel, I am from Germany)

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