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Level: Grab the mushroom - Broken in Chrome, works in FF, OSX10.9.1


OSX 10.9.1
Chrome 31.0 (latest consumer release)

The dialog/story isn’t advanced once on the ogre dies (the dialog box cannot be clicked or shift-spaced).
Here is a broken link to a screenshot (I don’t have privs to post a picture) https dropbox com forwardslash s/0asb6bqwovd8ibi/Screenshot%202014-01-09%2018.20.06.png

console says:

SCRIPT: Ending note group 'Congrats' app.js:283
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getPortraitStage' of undefined app.js:2029
Posted 1 error to 51a79585ee207206390002a2.js:1
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Repeated both logged in and not logged in.
Works fine on Firefox25 (ie, it’s not just me! :slight_smile: )


Got it fixed now. Thanks!


This is still happening to me in IE and google Chrome. Also sometimes I cant navigate. Was the website only tested in Firefox? I would prefer not to download it just for one game if I dont have to.


@Michael_Lay, sorry about the bug. Can you check for a JavaScript error in Chrome when you do this? The victory popup should show up right after the ogre dies, so there might be some error happening. I haven’t been able to reproduce it just now.


Is the mushroom level working in chrome now? It isn’t working for me; I would honestly like to avoid ff if possible.


Hi @furfle–sorry about the problem. Can you be a bit more specific about which part isn’t working so that I can check it out? As far as I know, the only major bug people have been running into is the grey screen bug.


I tried it on FF, and it worked; I am disappointed that chrome has issues.

What happened is that when I inputted scripting and “cast spell” ~ nothing. I then used FF and it worked as expected. I am trying to participate in the national boycott of FF, and don’t want to held hostage by web browser that enforces “right thinking” on their employees (it’s beyond belief).

ANY company that discriminates against people based on their personal business, or personal thinking is a company that shouldn’t have power over us. The term “right thinking” blew my mind - fascist thinking police. Is this type of group who you want having influence over the internet? Big Brother Thought Police? It’s a serious life issue, and w/ implications that are beyond creepy.

I will abandon all efforts to improve my JS skills - if it means supporting fascist “thought” police - I am reading this before I reply, and it reads like something out of science fiction - it was a big story this month.


So Chrome didn’t have JavaScript errors, but it didn’t ever finish casting? Do you have Chrome version 34, or is it an older one?