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Mountain Flower Grove Problem


Mountain Flower Grove finishes loading and then just says Aw Snap!
I tried reloading many rimes but it still does not work!!


ya it lagged for me and sometimes crashed
i have a lenovo chromebook
what do you have?


I have a hp windows 7 home premium.(So sad that I have such a old laptop)


so do you have other computers
if you do try those


I already did. In school.


do you have a computer at home that works?


Ya this one. My old one.


so you dont have the big desktop computers with the big box with lots of wires
kinda like this:

they are most of the time better than the laptops.


Nope I do not have those. We have windows 8 desktops in school though.


ask your parents if its not working they might be able to help with this problem :smile_cat:


Already tried and asked my teacher and parents. They just said keep reloading and my teacher said that there is a bug in Codecombat. Do u know anyone to fix it.


so its a glitch
ask nick but i think it would take about a week to fix
i am still waiting for mine to be fixed
just write at @ and then no space then nick


no actually i tried it again and its not a glitch and it worked :grin:
so its probably your computer


I will invite @nick. Hopefully he can fix it.


Here is a link:


I also asked some of my friends. One of them have a mac book pro and it does not work for them either.


click on the heroes icon at the bottom of you world map and change your preferred language from Python to JavaScript.
Your own code on the level will became invalid and it will not load. This avoid any errors that could have been caused by your code.

If this does not solve the issue, switch from between different browsers: Chrome, Firefox.


Thanks I will try that.


It finally worked!!!


@nick Can we have a comment_your_level_code button on the level hero selection screen?

I know the game sometimes does this automatically, but sometimes crashes before doing it.
Or at least the browser should know about the crash (level load started but not completed flags) and ask you the second time you try to load the level.

And a message: if the level fails to load, reset your case "button here"
Read the FAQ(link) and contact developers using the contact button if the issue is not solved.