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Level Keeps Breaking No Matter What


I was testing my level, Into the Fire, but it keeps lagging so much that i can’t really do anything…
Please help…?
Don’t have video taping device, sorry.


Did you publish it? I can’t access your level because it is only for admins.


ok i set it to adminOnly: false


had to make a new level
the old one broke some how


same link as before: Into the Fire
i renamed the last one to Broken Level :stuck_out_tongue:
The test play is still broken


I just published it!!
Too bad after i pressed the button, the level immediately broke :cry: :confounded::sob:


I’m soo mad right now! Can someone help me?! :sob:
I spent so much time on this level…!


ok i built a new one
the old one is now renamed BrokenLevel 2 :sob:


Add the hero placeholder.


the old one?
that one, there used to be a hero placeholder before i published it…
i think it’s under the floor, just like the partically covered no team paladins and warlocks


yep i just deleted the floor
it’s under the floor :frowning:
rip me do u know how to fix it?
or how to prevent the level from breaking?