The worst bug ever

This is hilarious, the stupidest bug i’ve ever seen. Everything I add into level editor has “programmingApi” which makes the whole level an error. I can’t delete that trash.

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The bug is so stupid.

The stupidest one I ever seen.

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Are you sure you didn’t put to many entities?

I only put 3. A witch, a chieftain, and a warlock.

ive seen something like this before it always had a strange error when you put in a warlock

Oh, really? Is it because I put in a warlock?

Did you put a hero placeholder? Without it you cannot load the level.

Bruh, I did. I was trying to make something like hero vs chieftain with a warlock and witch.

It might be, i once put in a while loop inside a while loop, even though that is what it said to do and said it might be an ifinite loop(duh it is) and it was necessary to put it in the code, and when pressed submit it came up with the same pic as u had. Check for those loops. if this was helpful plz like