Levels Editor - Copyright - what can be used - what cannot?

Copyright information ( https://codecombat.com/legal )

When someone is building a new level and needs to setup the referee code, does this mean that we cannot use another level in the game for a template or look at other levels referee code to understand how to make things in the game work?

If we see interesting functionality in the main game levels can that be a level to use for learning how to create this functionality in our levels?

It rather seems like according to the legal information that this would not be the case?


You can fork existing levels and look at them, sure–on our server. Levels on https://codecombat.com are not freely available for use on third-party servers, including user-created levels on our server.

Ok, so as long as its content on this server I can reuse the referee scripts? I was unsure how to go about creating levels without looking at referee code to see how things were done currently…