Viewing custom levels

Well, I’m just wondering if it is intentional that the user-created title in sends me right into extra extrapolation, instead of sending me to a list of games to choose from? I’ve already played all the games in the linked page, and I want to see a bigger list and play some more :smiley:

Love this game!
P.S. also the level creator seems very unreliable in chrome, would you consider making a downloadable client? :sunny:

Yeah, the headers just take you to the first level in each section. We’ve been lax in promoting user-created levels lately; you can see the full list here: – but most of these are incomplete or not really playable. The level editor still has a ways to go before all but the bravest of Artisans can make good levels with it.

Would love to hear about some of the unreliable bits you’ve found in the level editor. We won’t make a downloadable client, but we will fix all the bugs!