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Logical Conclusion won't give me an endstate

No matter what answer I give to Csilla there is no end state. I can’t win or lose, I just stand there until the timer expires.

Is this a bug in the game, or in my code??

// Move to 'Eszter' and get three secret values from her.
hero.moveXY(24, 16);
var secretA = hero.findNearestFriend().getSecretA();
var secretB = hero.findNearestFriend().getSecretB();
var secretC = hero.findNearestFriend().getSecretC();

// Say "TRUE" to 'Tamas' if A AND B are true, OR if C is true. Otherwise, say "FALSE."
// Remember to use parentheses to do your logic in the proper order.
var tam = (secretA && secretB) || secretC;
hero.moveXY(19, 26);

// Say "TRUE" to 'Zsofi' if A OR B is true, AND if C is true. Otherwise, say "FALSE."
var zso = (secretA || secretB) && secretC;
hero.moveXY(26, 36);

// Say "TRUE" to 'Istvan' if A OR C is true, AND if B OR C is true. Otherwise, say "FALSE."
var ist = (secretA || secretC) && (secretB || secretC);
hero.moveXY(37, 34);

// Say "TRUE" to 'Csilla' if A AND B are true, OR if B is true AND C is NOT true. Otherwise, say "FA."
var csi = (secretA && secretB) || (secretB && !secretC);
hero.moveXY(40, 22);

Hi specialk and welcome to the forum! Is there a reason why you are having your pet speak, rather than the hero?