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Loop holes in cloudrip mountain python main levs

why do you want to make a other acount

hehe (20 chars 26^#@^#@)

you can only get lvl 66 item on new accounts

how (20char1234rfvcxsert)

what do you mean subscriber

how do you make a other account to get lev 66 stuff

you go to the level oasis, i dont wanna tell everyone dis, so dis is the answer, figure the rest out!

loophole in lev nine
by walking and a few clever jumps and good armor no need for doing anything else
Mod edit: please don’t post working code. Thank you

@Alvaro_Jimenez_Sando I appreciate you’re trying to help fix codecombat bugs, but I would prefer it if you didn’t add any more solutions to this list. You might say that people won’t use them because they won’t learn from them, but neither do they learn from using real solutions.

I understand your good intent, but unfortunately you can’t stop people using the code.
I’ll keep this topic visible but I’m just going to close it.

hi danny are you a staff?

hey guys u can just use flags as a loop hole for glacier level 2(the red one not the purple levels)
just beware and stay distance from the yaks

Not CodeCombat staff, no. Just a moderator on the forum.