Loop holes in cloudrip mountain python main levs

i found some loopholes on lev 4 and 5
in lev 4 you can just go to the x and summon the soldiers

Mod edit: please don’t post working code. Thank you.

and in lev 5 i found that if you have good enough gear you can do it with out summoning any thing

im going to try and find more but these are the ones i found
(ps these are not just to copy there to inform that there are short cuts that should be fixed)

i found a loophole or you can say easy way for clash of clones
Mod edit: please don’t post working code (along with the equipment)

This is a way to solve, but in later levels, you must master the command() instruction. These levels are made to make you understand how this new method work and you should practice this method as much as you can in these levels.

in the clash of clones level it says i need boots of flying, earthquake hammer, and light-blaster.
I bought them and they are super handy

But the non-subscribers don’t have these spells. Try to make it with one of the free heroes.

i’m a warrior (20 chars), earthquake hammer allows me to cast earthquake and reflect. light-blaster allows me to cast light shield and lightning bolt. i didn’t have enough gems to afford them, so i bought some gems

yah i think non premeum stuff would be better for this whole topic

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But what is your equipment? And can you send me a picture with the descriptions of the level 66 items? PS I managed to finish Defiler with the bonus on my both accounts.

I dont wanna spoil too much

i will send 2 pics ( 20 c)

codeconbat me

wait no thats not the newer me

they crypt key, costs 3700 gems
description: Is it a ring? Is it a real key? No one knows, but the Crypt Key is said to unlock the secrets of a new world.


amber sense stone - costs 2100 gems

no descriptions

oops sry can’t get the pic of the earthquake hammer and flying boots, computer have problems

wait so whats the point of the cyypt key then?

thats just the description! it can cast invis and speed boost and key dash. Useful in levels like the “wizard’s door” and “the wizard’s haunt”

oh im saveing for speed ring because i need to get the coins fast to spown troops fast

From where did you get the crypt key?

Because I want to try it myself on a new account

Alpine rally, but im not telling you how.