Lost viking level gone

as you can see in the photo lost viking apears to have disapeered

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off-topic, but why don’t you do those yellow-flagged levels and get some extra gems?

i am doing them now just was not but coco is having site maitenace right now so i can’t

i also lost the viking level

@nick what happend ?

My guess is that the level was too deterring for many new users. It clearly was too difficult for a lot of forest players, and having them spent so much time on Lost Viking and not the main campaign is not beneficial. (Even from my personal experience, I struggled w/ this level like 6 years ago) This is probably why they also removed a Kithgard Dungeon “skip” level because it distracted too many players.


Yeah, it was too hard for where it was in the game. We put a “challenge level” warning, but lots of players played it anyway even with no chance to beat it. It also had some bugginess in some random seeds, so we removed it the map.

If you want, you can still play it here from the direct link: Lost Viking


ritic phase be like: