Flowers in Lost Viking?

I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but there are flowers in the paths!!!


Wow! I did not know that. It is pretty cool.



weird didn’t notice and what do you get for completing it

the viking helmet which 3X bash knockback and gives 50 health so its a bit bad

How many gems do you get for completing it

You get this for completing Lost Viking


I am not doing the lost viking

I did lost Viking last night, and I noticed that, to check your code, you can just see if your hero follows the flowers correctly.

Agreed. (20characters)

If your equipmant is good, it isn’t. Sometimes you need big bash.

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Hi @Dragonlouis, please don’t revive old(ish) level help topics if you don’t need help with the level yourself. Maybe you could show your agreement with cheddarcheese’s post using the like button?

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Got it (20 chars). (20chars(again).