Lost viking stuck

# You MUST click on the HELP button to see a detailed description of this level!

# The raven will tell you what to use for your maze parameters!

slide = 10
switch = 7
skip = 7
# How many sideSteps north of the Red X you've taken.
sideSteps = 1

# How many steps east of the Red X you've taken.
steps = 1

# Multiply this with steps to determine your X coordinate. DON'T CHANGE THIS!

# Multiply this with sideSteps to determine your Y coordinate. DON'T CHANGE THIS!

# The maze is 35 steps along the X axis.
while steps <= 35:

    # Take the next step:
    hero.moveXY(steps * X_PACE_LENGTH, sideSteps * Y_PACE_LENGTH)

    # Increment steps and sideSteps as appropriate, taking into account the special rules.
    steps += 1
    sideSteps += 1
    if steps % switch == 0:
        sideSteps = -sideSteps
        hero.moveXY(steps * X_PACE_LENGTH, sideSteps * Y_PACE_LENGTH)

Trying to navigate the first corner on this level but just keep getting blown up; any pointers? Thanks

I know this is disappointing but, I never actually did this level properly, (well, like it said in the hints), because it was too confusing at the time, I just blew the minefield up with a burl and ran to the spot(this isn’t a spoiler because it’s not really the point of the level).
But I’m sure any of these buys can help: @Chaboi_3000, enderlord832, munkeyshynes. (I won’t ping these ones, you can ping them if Chaboi’s away or something, or he can’t reply)
:lion: :lion: :lion:

First, listen for the raven for the #'s. The variables are correct, but the code isn’t. Try doing some desert levels + some mountain levels and come back to this level later. People who are still in forest levels should do this after doing most of the mountain. Always remember that everyone’s map is randomized, so you’ll all have different solutions.