LUA code patch for - Forest - Short-sighted Burl - posted intro/ overview / and default code

Default code for LUA - - Copy-Paste into the editor to start

-- Collect coins and run lest the burl will find you.

-- Write the function "checkTakeRun" with one parameter.
-- If the item exists, take it.
-- Move to the start point (the green mark) whether the item or no.

-- Dont change this code.
while true do
    hero:moveXY(16, 56)
    local item = hero:findNearestItem()
    hero:moveXY(64, 56)
    local item = hero:findNearestItem()

Overview for LUA

If you have problems with this level, then maybe you need to return and play to previous levels about the functions.
If you forget how to define a function, then look at this example:

local checkSomething = function(something)
    hero:say("I'm in the function!")
    -- Check something.

Please feel free to use this to help you with the level until the patch is applied.