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Minesweeper - Clarification in Directions


I did the following which satisfies the requirement of keeping everyone alive and getting (the hero) to the oasis…classified this as a bug as it is more of a logic one based on the goals.

Perhaps re-wording the goals to “Get everyone to the oasis.” is better as I accomplished all the goals even though it says incomplete which is wall everyone off…get hero to the oasis.

// Lead the peasants and healer through the minefield.
// Move to the coins to trigger the fire traps.
// Move back 10m and ask for a "heal" if your health is low.
this.buildXY("fence", 11, 27);
this.buildXY("fence", 11, 32);
this.buildXY("fence", 11, 37);
this.buildXY("fence", 11, 42);
/*item = this.findNearestItem();
pos = item.pos;
this.moveXY(x, y);
this.moveXY(x, y);


well it does say lead the peasants and healer THROUGH the minefield… i assumed it meant take them all to the oasis. seems to make sense to me.


It says that in the comments, but the actual goals would be the requirement I would think. I know what’s intentioned, and yes, I’m being nit picky. (How much damage does a fire-trap do anyway?) I’m trying to figure out how much HP is needed to survive or if there’s another alternate way of conquering this level without buying any gear and just using what I can get.


Oh i see what you mean. i didn’t even notice the wording on the actual objectives.


You don’t need to buy anything since you have a healer behind you , if your hp is low go back tell him " heal me " , learn to use x and y as a variable and stop using numbers , it would save a lot of time and write a just a little code in a loop


Uhh…problem is I set off 1 mine. I’m dead. There is no more I’m going to go back to a healer as there is nothing to heal. =( x_x


are you playing with tharin the warrior? if not maybe you should try that


It didn’t dawn on me to try another hero. I’ll try that. Thank you.


Tharin and Anya both are quite dead as well with a -5 HP. I got my answer. I think I need something to boost HP up by a minimum of 6 to prevent from being instakilled so I can get healed.


Good point; I’ve added the word “everyone” to the goal.

The fire trap does 120 damage, so you’ll need at least that much. I also cheated a bit and made it so that if you somehow have like 2000 health, they’ll do more damage so you won’t be able to just walk through the level without figuring out how to check your health.


I noticed that. nice touch. :slight_smile: