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Mixed Unit Tactics:)

Hi, So my code is saying that i don’t have an object. If anyone sees this thank you so much!!

# Practice using modulo to loop over an array

# Choose the mix and order of units you want to summon by populating this array:
summonTypes = ["soldier","soldier","soldier"]

def summonTroops():
    # Use % to wrap around the summonTypes array based on len(hero.built)
    solider = summonTypes[len(hero.built) % len(summonTypes)]
if > hero.costOf(summonTypes["soldier"]):
    #type = summonTypes[???]
    hero.say("I should summon troops!")

def Item():
    item = hero.findNearestItem()
    if item:

def Attack():
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:
while True:

Thank you so much.

On whitch line do you revive the error?

Why don’t you use the variable that you just made?

summonTypes["soldier"] this pulls an error when you use it in hero.costOf()
I recommend calling this ‘type’ if you’re planning to use other types of troop, which you’ll need to later.

So instead of this

And try to summon soldiers and archers, too. Maybe try this?

summonTypes = ["soldier","archer"]

You should also watch out for proper indentation…spelling counts too.