Mountain Flower Grove not loading because of Code

I don’t have a screenshot yet for this because I overloaded this level by making too many flowers and now it won’t load. The levels used to automatically comment out code when the level wouldn’t load, but it is not doing that for me, so I can’t get in to fix my code.

Any ideas?

It would be helpful to see the error log of your JavaScript-console.
Please put it in a code-block to format it. (Otherwise it’ll look quite messy).

I inform @nick about it, he can access the database and see what is wrong. We still need your log to find out what exactly broke to be able to repair it.

Hopefully the level should load better now. I think it was a bit overzealous previously o_O

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That it did. Still took a while to load, but it loaded, and I cut back on the flowers. May have been a combination between whatever you did and my clearing my browser cache and rebooting. The console only showed me as creating 1700 odd flowers when it did load, though.