Mouses (15 Chars on topic titles really?)

Here you talk about Mouses anything about mouses really

like…computer mouses or the animal mouses?

Sloth or turtle?

What site is this? 20chars this site lets you decide what amount of seconds its kinda like welllll if I click ten times it divides by 5 to get my cps

computer 20 charssssss

also the site he used measured spacebar clicking speed but same website

Thank you! 20charsmustburn

sorry for the necro but! G502 Hero (old version) VS the PULSE FIRE HASTE

i got both choose one for me

  • G502 Hero even if heavy a bit its still good
  • Pulsefire haste man its known as the model O killer
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how i did it


Hey I did it with my fingers:

10.6 cps
47.8 cps
their both cheetahs but their different

mid speed ngl for clicking

Just drag click on a model o achieves teh same cps

takes some skills tho

You could have done scroll click on g502 and taht would ahve worked and give way higher cps

Me using a massage gun on my finger to clock mouse at 67 cps