Topic for typing speed

Some people wanted this topic so I made it

im slow… prob 40-50wpm?

im prob like 65 avg, (20chars)

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My avg for 15 seconds is 128wpm


My top is 46, my average on a good day is ~33

I average about 70, but if I’m relaxed I can do 90

I average 65-70. And relaxed is about 85. I think my top was like 92-95 or something.

im bad so im prob like 20-30 if its just copy work

my top was 145 but average is like 100

i didn’t know birbys where so good at typing

never doubt the power of birbs

is briby just a miss spelling of birdy because when i search birby the all i find is kirby (and the second image is a drawing of kirby giving holding up his middle finger)

It’s meant to be a cross between the term “birb”[1] and “birdy”, however the word “birby” is already used to refer to bootleg[2] Kirby[3]

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bros the only person i know who cites is posts on a forum

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so lukas you are a cute bird with a y


my top is 170 and my average is 90

O.o thats almost double…

sorry bro but i think thats :billed_cap:

it is not cap(20 characters)