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Multiplayer bug?


Hello, I don’t know if this is a bug or something but I always select in the menu the long sword (which is currently my best sword) which gives you the ability to cleave at enemies, well the thing is that sometimes when I want to fight someone and the level loads, the little duck says that there is no “cleave” method and that it doesn’t know what it means.
At first I thought I had made a mistake and selecting the wrong sword but then I checked that I had the right sword (and I did) I found it puzzling an even more so when this started happening with more frequency.
Thank you so much if you know what the problem is and if can fix it.
P.S. this doesn’t happen with all levels though…


Could you post some screenshots, and you code that you’re using.
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Ok, you will see in the first image that the ¨long sword¨ is selected so I should be able to ¨cleave¨ the next image shows my code and that I can cleave. But in the last one you will that my code has changed and if you look at the method there is another sword.
The images below:


Maybe it’s because you’ve changed sides. The first one in red and the second one’s blue. Make sure you’ve submitted the code with the cleave sword on both the red and blue side.
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Good catch! @Deadpool198

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@MunkeyShynes @Deadpool198 well that’s the thing I have submitted both sides with the “Cleave”
but that still wouldn’t explain how or why the sword is changing.
Do you maybe know what’s causing this?


Report this on GitHub please.