Multiplayer Duel Level bug

Ok so I tried to play duel for multiplayer and I switched some items and code and for some reason when I win games it says tie and when it’s an actual tie I get a loss. When I play a game and I look at matches it says tie and my points go down. But when I press watch and see the fight I win. @nick just because I need ur help holy savior. This is really messing with my OCD as well ;-;

This is actually a very annoying and I’m raging pretty hard about it so I’m just gonna bump it @schmatz plz help ur the only leader online atm

Are you playing humans or ogres? And if you are playing both, do both sides display the buggy behavior, or just one?There are a couple bugs with it that we haven’t tracked down yet, but we’ll hope to get them fixed up soon (maybe after the Hour of Code rush subsides a bit).

Only humans, I think.

No I think it is actually happening to both humans and ogres. Check my duel history and you’ll see several examples.

This is both sides wanna see a pic?

So the bug is gonna be fixed after hour of code right?

I can’t promise when I will fix it, but it’s certainly a high priority bug.

Thanks you man also i figured the bug happens only when I use swords that have power up when I use the long sword it doesn’t happen