Multiplayer Treasure Grove Help PLZ!

Hi guys i am very confused andd need help with Multiplayer Treasure Grove. I was wondering if someone could offer some help please?

Here is my code:

while True:
    #  Find coins and/or attack the enemy.
    # Use flags and your special moves to win!
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
if enemy:
if item:
    hero.moveXY(item.pos.x, item.pos,y)
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what is your armor @Antoni_Druzynski ?

if enemy and if item should be on the while True not outdside

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I think you make hero.findNearestItem item=hero.findNearestItem()

yep charssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Hmm, the first time I completed this level, I managed to kill my opponent without it respawning. However, they then updated it so that they drop back into the arena. I wouldn’t bother trying to kill it but I would use Pender, Ring Of Speed, Haste and Reset Cooldown. Then I would use hero.move() instead of hero.moveXY() (if you have learnt how to use hero.move()) so I can get the coins quicker. Also, try implementing a condition that checks if the coin’s position is greater than the limits of the space you have for collecting coins - this ensure that you don’t end up bumping into the fence trying to find a coin that you can’t get to and therefore wasting valuable time. I hope this helps. (I seem to say things that I wish I had done myself, it’s getting annoying now! :laughing:)

hi sorry i replyed late here is my armour. there was a bug but i eventually won by refreshing the whole site. which is why i lost my whole coe then and i had to restart.

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thanks for the help anyway as i have now completed. can you alsso plz like MY POSTS

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Good armor @Antoni_Druzynski

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Try to use jump(item.pos) not moveXY @Antoni_Druzynski

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thanks. u liked? thats actuslly something i have been trying to do

i have to go bubye. seyaa later friends?

But use this code item=hero.findItems() instead of hero.findNearestItem()

Ok @Antoni_Druzynski

no begging for likes its not allowed

no need bc its find the nearest item and if you do like find items its finds the item but in random way

btw jump has a cooldown so just use move Xy then if heroisready to jump then jump

I know @Alfa_Jayden_Iskandar

i checked the rules and there is no rule like that am flagging your post for being rude

There is a rule like that.