Forest treasure grove please help me

@Falcons118 @AnSeDra

Please post your code

what lanuage are you using

my language is python code below

while true:

@Deadpool198 you wanna help me out with this and please format your code correctly please

@abc we need your help here

Okay, so I believe this level is Multiplayer Treasure Grove, am I correct?

correct. it is a multiplayer treasure grove

So, for this level you need to collect gold, so you need to define the nearest item with hero.findNearestItem(), then you need to move to the item’s position with a moveXY statement.

how do do that in a loop

First, you need to complete a few levels in the forest, maybe two or three.

@akihiko_kahyaba needs to complete a couple of levels to get gems and to get boots which have the hero.moveXY() statement. The reason the level is near the end is because in the forest, you get items such as better glasses, better shield, flags, long sword, and boots. For the level, you should use the items for the level.

You put it in a while true loop. So your hero finds the item, then he moves to the item continuously.

i have boots that let me use hero move xy

oh okay what are you wearing than

while true:
    item = findNearestItem()
    item = findItems()

i do not see any cod that makes you move to the coins :wink: and if you have defined item as findNearestItem() why do you define it again?

@ZAX155 is asking to post your gear and i would like to see it too

Yes, I think you need to move to item.pos, to get items.

i have compound boots

can you post an image of it?

sorry i took so long to respond i was afk