My new level :)

just made this in game development 2, and if you try it I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:
the story:
armies of ogres and humans fight over the lost treasure of the forest, whose location has finally been revealed. Unbeknowest to them, the undead guardians of the treasure rally their forces to destroy these urchins who dare to disturb the treasure.
how to win:

  • Destroy enemy spawners
  • Destroy all enemies
  • Collect the treasure
  • Your hero must survive
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ok its rereallyall unbalanced because the skeletons dominate the humans and the ogres and the hero could be changed to a shaman or an archer

yeah, the skeletons dominate the humans so what you have to do is go for the skeleton spawner right when the game starts and make it back to your base alive

also I wish I could change hero to shaman/archer but these are my only options:

Don’t use those :slight_smile: Just write “Archer”, instead of whatever those options are. I think I’ve done it before.

(This might not work idk I’ve not done game dev in a while)

I can back marmite up I’ve done it before it’s really interesting how you play as a ranged hero or an ogre.

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This does work >:D I’ve used it before

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Awesome, I’ll try it when I have time

You should definitely try that. Also, try to make it “neutral team”. You will be able to destroy humans as well :smiling_imp:
I remember, in all such levels I was making a shaman with 999 range, 999 damage, 9999 health. It’s just good to have fun!

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wish I could change hero to chieftain or fangrider or something but it didn’t work :frowning:
I made hero a shaman, but it couldn’t drink health potion or collect treasure

Make sure shamans team is humans.
Edit: I am still not really sure if it will work.

there is a property like “collects” or “canCollect”, I’ll check which one it is later

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