My students can't play. Help. BUCLE INFINITO DETECTADO

hello, i’m teacher of computer system in Spain.
When more than four students try to access to play with codecombat (in one world). The web show this message : (i’ve upload the image)

El código inicial para construir el mundo no termino de ejecutrase
Probablemente es muy lento o tiene loop inifinito. O puede ser un bug

And we can’t play, of course we have a LAN.
Can your helpme?

I’ve seen this at a school before. It depends on your bandwidth. For now, just have two students at a time click on, “Comenta mi codigo” and they should be able to open the level. If everyone tries at once it’s using too much bandwidth.

Try reloading the cache by going to the tool bar on chrome>click more tools>and click clear browsing cache. That might help.