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Need more Gems!


Hi there,
I need more gems to buy better armor for the final forest level, since I don’t have 500 health. However, I only have 42 gems, which can’t buy any armor. I’ve looked for the achievements, but they are all buggy. Is there a way I can get more free gems or is there a master reset button to reset my entire profile?


I have reset the purchases on the Izard account for now. Later we’ll need to add some repeatable levels you can do so that you can’t get stuck like this, plus add more gems/selling so that Stonehold isn’t so hard. I’m not going to be able to individually reset everyone’s purchases so that they can make different buying decisions, though.


Thanks alot! :smile:


Funny, I used to have Omarn, but now I don’t. I don’t think you reset his purchase for him because I was still able to use him after the purchases were reset. Did you reset the Character purpose or is there something goofy going on?


When I reset the purchase, it doesn’t totally remove the hero from your previous sessions, just future sessions after you switch away from using him.


I’m having the same problem here, any updates about the replayable sessions?
Maybe we could win 1 gold every win in the multiplayer games :smiley:


Just FYI - If you start again, and save up your gems during your journey, once you hit level 11, buy the Painted Steel Breastplate for 660 gems, and that will get you through most of the forest levels, thus giving you extra gems for when you hit “Siege of Stonehold”.

Plus going through the levels again will strengthen your basic coding skills :wink:

I made it into the desert world on my most recent CodeCombat adventure with roughly 600’ish gems, and quickly jumped up to around 1600+ gems after a few levels (before I had to invest in a lot better armour to beat Medical Attention. Dang that level is challenging!!)

Confirmed. I just did it If you save up all of your gems, only buying the required armour (which is all you need), and you complete ALL unsubscriber levels up to “Ogre Encampment”, where you have to break open the chest… you’ll have enough levels AND enough gems (about 900+) and thus you’ll be able to purchase “Painted Steel Breastplate”, which will allow you to breeze through the rest of the levels till “Siege of Stonehold”, and have plenty of gems to buy better gear :smile:


Another option that makes sense to me would be to award, for example, one gem for each ten multiplayer levels simulated. Would solve the problem of being broke, and would be useful to you guys too!


Certainly both earning gems for winning in multiplayer and for helping simulate are both on the list, just haven’t had time to fix them up yet!


Not 1 to 10 that is way to hard maybe 1 to 1


Maybe 1 gem per 3 wins. That lends itself more towards creating quality code, plus doesn’t jack up the amount of gems a person can win TOO quickly.

Good code in 3+ arenas at 1:1 could easily turn into an extra few hundred or thousand per day, especially once Nick & team release even more arenas. :wink: Especially since, as more people start playing CodeCombat, arena battles will happen at a more rapid pace.

Jezt something to consider lol. Gem award amount is still totally up to Nick :stuck_out_tongue:


I have similar problem, I spent my gems (1500+) on experiments with different items for wizard and I cannot pass any new level because my heroes are weak. I am in deadlock situation, in a trap. Is there a way to earn extra gems to buy stronger armor (or better glasses to fight smarter)??


You can become a subscriber or purchase a chest of gems. (Support the devs if you really need gems, every bit helps them)


I plan on doing that after the end of Feb (my focus isn’t on Coding right now, though it will be after that point) :slight_smile: These devs are absolutely amazing, and truly do deserve the financial support.


Another thought: what about a gem bonus for quality of success? Could be a function of how much health is lost, for example. This could essentially make most levels replayable. For example, maybe I beat a level easily because of great armor. I then have no incentive (in terms of xp or gems) to replay the level with better strategy. But with differing gems earned depending on quality, I might get 200 for beating the level but then an extra, say, 50, gems for replaying and finishing with higher health than I did the first time.


We’d like to go back and add bonus achievements for doing interesting stuff in many of the levels, so that would be one thing. As for replaying levels, we are going to add leaderboards, so each level could show you who has done it the fastest (for speed-related levels), or maybe with taking the least damage, or maybe having collected the most coins, or whatever the relevant metric is for that level.


@nick - For “Fastest”, would it be fastest completion of a level from load to full completion, or fastest for entering the code? If it’s the latter, would you be tracking keystrokes? Because the fastest way would be to simply copy & paste the code to a doc, and c&p it back over into a new account, in order to get the speed record… Completely different for fastest code. That award will probably go to minimalists.

I do like the tracking metrics that you’re offering :slight_smile:


Now their are repeatable level for adventurers so you can play those


Fastest, as in, world simulation time is fastest–not a typing competition, but rather, who can kill all the ogres or collect the coins or whatever in the least amount of world time.


I don’t like other thing related to this topic. Let say, I finish a scenario and I receive 50 gems and some XP for it. After that I replay the scenario again (the same code or modified code) and CodeCombat score screen reports me that I received 50 gems but I received nothing in the real. I don’t like I receive this false report when I replay finished scenario.