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Cannot get any more gems


I’ve done all the missions and can’t get any more gems without paying real money. However, I’m stuck on a “gear check” mission (Stonehold).


What hero are you using? What is all your current equipment? How much health do you have? can you answer those 3 questions for me so I can try to help?


Rusted Iron Helmet, Heavy Iron Breastplate
Long Sword
Bronze Shield
Basic Flags
Wooden Glasses
Programmaticon II
Leather Belt
Sundial Wristwatch
Leather Boots
336 HP
Can’t survive 3 hits.


Are you trying to fight Thoktar himself? You don’t need to kill Thoktar, just defeat his troops. The most damage anything besides Thoktar in the forest does in one hit is 25.


No, I always die though. The shamans seem to do a ton.


Also, as a side note:

    if enemy:
        if self.isReady("cleave"):


        if self.isReady("cleave"):

“Undefined is not a function.”


@dmaxw1 You can format your code on the forum like

code goes here


My son and I each made it through Stonehold without purchasing additional equipment, but we both switched to Hammer “fire-trap” strategies to do it.


You only get gems if you pass levels. So you need to beat siege of stonehold first. If you can’t beat it you can’t get any more gems


I had basically that armor right there, What I did was use a combination of shielding and cleaving so that I could take out large amounts of enemies for very little damage in return. Maybe try something like that.


Make sure you have equipped the watch you got alongside the long sword so that you get the isReady skill.


I use ranged chars and the lightning stick