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New Ideas for CodeCombat


New Ideas for codecombat to make the game more fun


My new Ideas for code combat are make it to where you can walk around in a map with other players and battle and pick up where you left off after running a specific code to where you can adventure and fight as either a human an ogre or even munchkins and throwers


We would love to make an MMO mode, where everyone’s heroes are just running their code all the time, with thousands of players in the same world, trading, building stuff, defending villages, etc. Not sure when we will have time to do that, though; it’s a ton of work, as you might imagine.

There aren’t any ogre heroes now, but if you play some of the older multiplayer levels, you do get to play on the ogre team:


You should also make a way to sell items or trade with other players. :smile:


@Kirito Try to not bump old post, just create a new post if you have any new input. But yes, I really want to be able to sell old armor and gear I no longer use. :confused: