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CoCo Recommendations

Hi. I’ve been playing Code Combat for a while and I have some recommendations.

  1. Can someone add a sell feature to items for there original price? I bought some armor in Forest and now its unless in Glacier.
  2. Could someone make it so non-subscribers can access basic game and web development levels? Doesn’t need to be free, it could have a price of 1000 gems

honestly im pretty sure nick and his devs don’t really want to just let people with 1000 gems access the game dev cus its just extras and if you want extras(like extra toppings) you need to pay extra as well
but for selling maybe not full price maybe just 75% or 50%

How about the first one?

It’s been discussed about a selling feature that allows players to sell equipment for ~50% of the original price. However, any development has been discontinued.

Unfortunately, the main game/web development levels will stay premium-users only(Since it’s one of the key features). You can try some of the hoc levels to get a basic idea of it:


How about unlocking web development for the next Hour of Code?

I think that would be good to the only on a holiday

I mean, in the Hour of Code, basic users can access game development levels. Could you unlock some demo web development levels in the next Hour of Code?

And for the first one, could you add a reset purchases in the settings so it sells everything you purchased for there original price.

Possibly. I’m not the marketing manager so I can’t provide a definite answer.

You could actually. Just reset your progress. I did it like 10 times now. (It’s real, I did it around 10 times)

I’m not planning to do it anymore because I would lose my taruan armor forever

Is it possible that we can organize items? Like the customization of a user interface so that we can organize the items that we have before starting a mission.

Or maybe like a trash receptacle sort of? Where we dont sell items just either remove them from inventory or hide them from view?

I know that this isnt necessary, but might make the interface a little more friendly, because I dont think anyone is a particular fan of scrolling down past their dungeon level stuff anymore.

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