New Level: Attack Wisely!

Hi laituan245 and welcome to the forum,

Nice work you did there, especially for your first level.

I beat it by first iterating over all enemies and attacking everyone that is not a brawler and then collecting all items, followed by a direct move to the goal.

For this you have to know that I have the See-through-glasses, with which I can see through walls, so I might miss a few movement-commands.

Note: While the list of improvements I have is long, it does not mean the level is bad. Most improvements are related to the

This would be the first time players see Ogre-scouts, and they are still extremly weak (here you can see which items they have). They’ll die in three strikes, doing almost no damage to the scouts. You might want to replace them with munchkins, which are a lot weaker.
And then the brawlers. A new player would be dead before he knows what happened. I would replace them with Scouts, as those pose a threat till End-Dungeon, but are then beatable. I played every free level and some subscriber-levels avaible, and I wasn’t able to beat that brawler with a simple brute-force-tactic. Now imagine a newcomer. Also if (for difficulty reasons) you have to wait till Desert before even thinking about returning to this level, they will most likely already forgotten about the brawlers in this level. At End-Dungeon, they most likely will try to beat the scouts again.

Also the players have never seen a fire-trap before. They can’t know what it is, until they step on it. It can be frustrating (for me) to have to try out a new mechanic in a game, which then results in a loss for me (even a non-permanent one). I guess you imagined they can be used against the enemies, but players at this level most likely still struggle with the basic concepts, and may simply not be able to employ such an advanced tactic.

Last but not least you should take them a little by the hand and place more x-marks to tell them where they can go. Maybe one before and behind every door and near the gems another one. You should then organize your comments so they do it step by step:

  1. Move before one of the doors.
  2. Find and attack the nearest enemy.
  3. Move inside the room
  4. Find and attack the nearest enemy.

… You get the point.

Which reminds me of another thing. You might want to reduce the HP of the doors so they break on first strike, and give them names. It is counter-intuitive to see the doors as enemies. Better this.attack('door 1').